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Consierge Scuba Diving Lessons

Our Approach

Anyone can learn to dive, with few exceptions, it is possible for almost anyone to become certified as an Open Water Diver.  The approach of Concierge training is to work with your schedule, your current level of knowledge and expand on that to make a robust and knowledgeable diver who knows the reasons why you do the things you do while SCUBA diving.

Concierge Scuba Diving Lessons are not focused on a bargain or just to get you through the class and sign off on your certification.  Concierge Scuba Diving is for those who desire that extra bit of knowledge, that extra bit of skill training and for those seeing one-on-one training and on there schedule.

Come and enjoy a new world of adventures.

The History and reason for Concierge Scuba Diving Lessons

In early 2018, AAI Neptune Divers began a migration from brick and mortar dive shop to focusing on beginner diver lessons, specialty lessons, salvage operations.  AAI Neptune Divers has become Dive Nevada, and now a concierge scuba diving focused.

Your time is valuable. Life often gets in the way of what is going on. Having to attend a fixed class schedule or realizing that there may be more time needed in either knowledge or skills can lead to frustration and complications.  Dive Nevada was created to work this life, and the busy schedules everyone has today.

Dive Nevada will work with you on a one-on-one bias. Take all the time, and you need to be comfortable.  What is important is you learn the knowledge and skills to be comfortable in a whole new world.

Dive Nevada can also teach small groups of friends or family if so desired.  These courses are taught the same way, you and your friends or family, with a one-on-one touch.

Next step is to contact us and ask questions

Though the certification Agencies all require about the same level of knowledge and skills which must be demonstrated to become a certified diver, with concierge lessons, each course covers the minimus and more to fit your needs.

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